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Showers and Mirrors

We design and custom build glass shower enclosures -- everything from the simplest single door to frame to high end designer frameless heavy glass shower doors.

Whether you already know exactly what want or would like to learn about your design options, our professional, experienced team will work with you to achieve the look you want.

We have dozens of color choices, textures, and configurations to choose from, and can accommodate almost any need.

Wall and vanity mirrors, custom designed and fully installed

Mirrors can dramatically change the look and lighting of a room.

Bathrooms, bars, entrance halls, kitchens.

We will provide and install mirrors for both wall- and frame-mounting.

Keep the look of wood while protecting your surface!

We custom cut glass tops to fit desks, tables, dressers, and conference tables—even those with non-standard shapes and sizes.

Considering getting a tempered* tabletop?

In high traffic areas where your tables are likely to be exposed to unusually heavy weights or dropped items, tempering can dramatically increase the strength of the glass and, in the event of a break, decrease the likelihood of injury from jagged shards.

*Temper -- to toughen glass by a process of gradually heating and cooling

Ask The Expert

What is the difference between tempered glass and safety glass?

Tempered glass is safety glass. There are also different types of safety glass including laminated, wire glass, plexiglass and Lexan.

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